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5 February 2003

   Beginning at 9:00 until 10:30 join the Alabama Friends of Midwives for a social get-together.

   Then grab some lunch and meet back at 12:30 to hear Midwife Carol Nelson (Tennessee), present a Maternal and Child Health Seminar on the American Public Health Association's Resolution titled, "Increasing Access to Out-of-Hospital Maternity Care Services through State-Regulated and Nationally-Certified Direct-Entry Midwives", which she co-authored.

   After the seminar there will be two viewings (2:00 PM and again at 5:30 PM) of the film "Born in the U.S.A." with discussions following.

18 September 2002

   On October 12 at the John Looney House in Ashville, AFOM is holding an educational booth demonstrating midwifery at the fall festival. We'll have midwife tools, including fetoscope, birthing chair, and herbs. I also hope to borrow some books such as A MIDWIFE'S TALE.

   We'll be in pioneer costume and playing the part of pioneer midwives. I've had to learn a lot about the issues surrounding women's health care, man-midwives, barber-surgeons, & the rise of the AMA in the latter part of the 1800s for this.

Please come!!


15 May 2002

Anne writes:

   Scott and Vesta are putting the finishing touches on the financials for the recent fundraiser, and will have a report ready to send soon.

   A business meeting & potluck is planned for the leadership team of AFOM and anyone who is interested in starting an affiliated chapter on June 8th in Cullman, . . . (ed. e-mail for directions). On the agenda so far is: IRS rules for handling financials, AFOM financials; how nonprofits are structured; AFOM history, charter, and bylaws; our current agenda, and anything else you want to discuss.

   AFOM also has a family **pool party** and potluck in the works for June 28 at Rickwood State Park. I think this is in Blount County halfway between Birmingham and Cullman.

   You'll also hear about AFOM's public relations and educational endeavors of the past year, and the conference that was -- and is -- in the works for fall.

5 May 2002

Anne writes:

   WOW, y'all. THANK you all for all your hard work and for blessing my home with your friendship and presence last night. I am especially touched that there were many who drove 1-2 hours to be with us.

   I dreamed last night of waiting on people, stepping over tent stakes, tiki torches, and clear plates.

   Scott and I analyzed it to death earlier, wishes he'd of had a chance to ring the triangle -- it is loud-- to get everyones attention before the blessing. Some people in the back didn't know the blessing was being said and continued to converse because they couldn't hear.

   He also said we needed salt and pepper on the tables because the vegies were bland. :-( We could have had dessert out as soon as the main course was served.

   But that Jill gave the welcome as dessert was being served was a nice touch. I didn't mean to tear up (or rant either) but hey, ladies when we ARE old and grey and can't tell anyone what we ate for lunch we WILL be able to recall our babies' births in vivid detail.

   He liked Vesta's heartfelt and folksy talk but did not care much for my diatribe and figured his dad & his wife thought I was preaching a sermon to them (they have never been terribly supportive of our decision to homebirth. His dad's wife never did look over the display, I think she was afraid to.) since no one applauded wildly when I tried to 'preach it'. Hey someone has to be the rabble rouser here.

   I hope people had a nice evening and felt like they got waited on and had a nice dinner; not barbecue in someone's dinky yard.

   Clean up, the biggest thing to do is take down the tents. AFOM has a nice big plastic container of stuff for future events -- 2 sun tents, pens, sharpies, nametags, plates, napkins, tiki torches, candles, a nice display board and permenant reference book for booths, and so forth.

   The grand total is not in yet, as I found money and checks from when I said, pass up your envelopes. Some families have not settled up on silent auction items. We'll see how much we cleared after expenses.

   I understand, however, we raised enough money to fund the the immediate need (legal defense bills) and start a c3 and c4, maybe invest a little....

   All in all, though, the best thing is working with such a dedicated group of intelligent, diverse, passionate families.

   But the post-mortem fun begins....

Love, Anne


      For more information on the Birmingham area chapter contact the representative.

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